Medibles, as in eatable cannabis, medical marijuana. Highly recommended!! (no pun intended).

First off, THC kills cancer cells so that’s a good idea. Another point, medical strains usually come up with high CBD or at least balanced to the THC level. So… you don’t get the regular smokers high thing (I don’t actually know because I haven’t done it except once years ago…). I get a smooth, relaxed, good feeling. I sleep easy, I’m thinking perfectly clear, no negative effects, just relaxation and smoothness. It has to do with the stran and dosage.

So if you have cancer, should you smoke cannabis? Yes and no.

It’s been proven helpful, especially for brain cancer. My only regret is not doing this earlier!!

If hoyu have cancer (especially brain cancer), you should ge yourself medical strain (medical strength and type marijuana), and make edibles, aka medibles. And eat as much s you can. By eating it will stay with you longer… so instead of the 2 hours by smoking, you get 6 hours (apps.) by eating and no carcinogens.

So… tha means…. you do it 4 times ad ay and you can achieve cancer killing THC attack 24/7. That’s a great benefit, because you can’t dangerously overdose from THC… CBD is supposed to counter some of that psychoactive sides to THC so it’s important… then you can do more THC. So regular strains won’t do the job, you’d need medical strains.

So this will slow down the progress of the tumor, and while doing radiation + chemo, it will help me with nausea and appetite and possible pain. It already helps with anxiety. I’m feeling fairly well and I’m not high (not that I would mind), others can’t notice any difference and I’m fully functional.

Please do yourself a favour and if faced with this, don’t just disregard it as unproven hippie BS, or bunch of stoners finding excuses to get high. This is legit.

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